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Richard Goering on "EDA In 1964 – A Look Back At The First DAC"

From Richard Goering's post at the Cadence Community --

"The fact that the 46th annual Design Automation Conference (DAC) is coming up tells us that EDA has been around a lot longer than most people think. What were they talking about back in 1964, the first year for which proceedings are available? (This was technically the “second” DAC, although it wasn’t called that -- it was the first workshop hosted by the SHARE Design Automation Committee. At the “first” DAC, in Miami in 1963, the SHARE Design Automation Committee was formed.)

DAC founder Pat Pistilli, then chairman of the SHARE Design Automation Committee, introduced the 1964 workshop by talking about the history of SHARE (an organization of computer professionals founded in 1955) and the decision to launch a committee focused on design automation. “Design automation had grown, by that time [1963], from a searching infancy to a rapidly maturing adolescence as a result of increasing effort throughout industry,” he said. So it appears that electronic design automation was almost a teenager in 1963!

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