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Not an exhaustive list, but these articles cover some of the exciting activities happening at this year's DAC ...

Official DAC eZine

Guest Blog: Limor Fix – Verification session at DAC (Verification Vertigo)

Guest Blog from Nanette Collins and Lee Wood on DAC 2009 (EDA Thoughts)

Verification in the Spotlight (or Hot Lights) of DAC (Cool Verification)

Guest Blog By Nari Shenoy, Technical Co-Chair, #46DAC - What Makes ... (Harry the ASIC Guy)

Put Up or Shut Up, by Greg Spirakis (Low-Power Design)

DAC Appeals to Users (John’s Semi Blog)

From Design Platforms to Design Flows, by Leon Stok (Chips & BS)

If you have more to suggest, please add in the comments below ...

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