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One of my best memories of DAC was the night of our first Denali DAC party. We were a tiny company and hoping to garner some good will by throwing an open party on Bourbon Street. Sanjay (our CEO) and I had talked up the party for two days to everyone we knew pushing that this was going to be a knock-down, drag-out good time. Of course, we had no idea what would really happen...

We had hoped to see 150 people and thought we'd be happy (and lucky) to break 100. Low and behold, we had about 150 people 7 minutes into the party. As Paul McLellan described it in his blog, never underestimate the power of an open bar. :)

By midnight there were hundreds of people crammed into the top floor of the bar on Bourbon Street, dancing the night away. We had spent hours getting to know our customers better, many of which were glad to be at a low-key, fun event. Then the event management called me over. We had obliterated the budget. We had a choice... kick everyone out or cough up more money. Sanjay and I knew we had already stretched our annual marketing budget throwing the party in the first place. So now what?

Thankfully we went with our instincts instead of our brains. Looking back, that was the smartest check we ever cut. We are thankful that every year we can look forward to Tuesday night to engage with our customers and our partners face-to-face, to build long-term friendships and working relationships, and yes to have a good time. And we are honored again this year to help bring it back again.

Hope to see you there,

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Comment by Mark Gogolewski on July 15, 2009 at 10:08am
Graham, thanks for the thanks! Always glad to see you at the party.

But actually, you are thinking of New Orleans in 2002. (At least I think it was 2002, might have been 2001.) Disco Inferno made it's debut in 2000 in Los Angeles. Funny story there as well... Sanjay and I found them "doing research" for the party in LA months in advance and we ended up at the Viper Room. Ah... to be young and care free again.... Anyway, these guys caught our attention not just for their fine Disco, but specifically for their raucous behavior. After they pumped up the crowd so well in LA, we knew we had to bring them back again...
Comment by Graham Bell on July 14, 2009 at 4:41pm
On behalf of the happy party goers, thanks!!!
It was great fun 'cutting the rug' with Disco Inferno on that New Orleans night.


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