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What’s your craziest / funniest / coolest DAC story??

Cmon...even share your most embarrassing story if you have one!

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I met my future wife at a Denali DAC party…. (that will get the tongues wagging)

Our paths crossed at the Fillmore DAC Party back in 2006. After a night of one too many tequila shots, interesting dance moves (known in the trade as post-modernistic-futurism) and a cold night in my car sobering up, I was able to wake up and still remember meeting this girl. That in itself was remarkable.

Thanks to Matt McConnell for passing along my phone number to her …and an even bigger thanks to the cab driver for returning my cell phone I lost in his cab while escorting the inebriated young lady back to her hotel safely.

3 years later, I’m still dating that girl. she only happens to be the Denali events manager (Hi Jeannette!)
Thank you DAC (and thank you Denali!) ;)

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